Which one should i transform

hey guys i have choices between a lot of stuff so which one is the first plz tell
flaming scope
energy engine
energy mass booster
cooling mass booster
rolling beasts
night eagle

Judging by that,I assume you already have a mythical torso.
If that’s so,I think you should go with either an energy-free side (Mercy or Annihilation) or the Rolling Beasts.
However,if you wanna scare people off and force them to stay in closer range,go for the Flaming Scope.You’ll get more close-combat with it.
What would I choose from all those for my own mech?
Rolling Beasts.


You have a heat drone on a phys build?
Well,that would work a little better against energy builds…Tho you’ll get less phys res drain on every fight,not just on those against energy types…

i run a heat mech with all max items

flaming scope
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Well,sorry then.
From what you listed up there it seemed to me that you run a physical…
Then yeah,Flaming Scope.

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If everything is maxed except for your modules I would go for the energy engine

a poll would help

i did the clash coz bestplayer said