Which moderator / community manager / etc. do you like the most

  • Gaurav
  • Mohadib
  • Sarah247
  • Elcent
  • Alexander

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who’s (blank)?whatever,he/she’s the best


Aciddentaly posted that. Wish I didn’t.


Ill give it to my boy @Elcent , he a cool dude


50 PM


Elcent is da best


I did a lot of stupid shit in my life as a SM forumer.
Even though he pissed me off on a couple occasions ( :slight_smile: ) the dude always understood me and permitted me many things when he could have taken another approach.
My vote goes to @Elcent,the nicest moderator in my opinion.

I’m sure I pissed him off too a couple times xD
Not to say just how many times he helped me and the group I’m in.


Elcent… ugh


This is a tough one. I love Alexander (we gonna have a baby together). Gaurav is family and one the ppl i trust most. And Elcent is a swell lad thats doing a great job as a moderator and as just a friend when i talk to him (friendzone strikes again!)


Are you and Alexander couples?
Sorry, I couldn’t help myself from curiosity


I’m actually a very relaxed guy. People rarely actually put me into a rage. I might seem annoyed but its often me trying to put a point across because its important.

Thank you for the votes guys!


You won, Elcent! Now you are going to semi finals :smiley::smiley::smiley: (with Alexander and Gaurav)


I guess im a special guy!


You haven’t got close :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, dont lie Elcent :wink:
Nobody sends a red mail to me unless they really want me gone!


haha yah i guess thats true


Elcent has sent me messages about disciplining me for my actions before. But i know he doesnt hate me or anything. Hes just doing his job. Im sure whatever it was, you deserved the disciplinary action and message from him.


Please know when me and Elcent are bantering and that Im not actually angry.


me too he did that once though he did not seem mad


Elcent is the best mod for sure.