Which mech should I build?

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which should I choose? if u have any suggestions on changing it please let me know

Second one…
or else you waste 2 mythicals…
change the corrupt light into desolation

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If you go with the second one, definitely change the legendary corrupt light for a desolation - You’ll probably have to equip repulsor and drop terror cry to make it fit. Also, when people post mech images, they usually have the modules included, instead of the drone/utilities; plus the entire stats of the mech on the side. It helps us to help you more :smile:

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Just to be clear, here’s an example.

Check out this bad boy:

Drone is a Mythical Murmur, and all utilities are equipped.

As you can see, all the information anyone could ever need is easily available with this format. Also, I get to brag about my mech so that is even better :wink:


desolation is a top weapon…

These may help you
http://community.tacticsoft.net/t/the-curent-meta-how-to-counter-it-or-builds-that-can-be-had-using-epic-to-myth-items/10409 epic-myth items top build
Top player’s build



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they y u keep telling me to replace a side weapon (corrupt light) with a top weapon (desolation)

I mean change a weapon
side weapon and top weapon are both a weapon…

corrupt light into???

Remove cl and change in to deso

Looks great12 AM

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