Which items will disappear after inventory limit sets in

is it our most powerful weapons or least powerful weapons that will disappear. or will we have a say in which items to disappear.
it would be better to replace our 'legacy weapons ’ with an equivalent amount(not equivalent number) of ultrapower kits

No items will be deleted. you just won’t be able to buy anymore boxes.

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will i still be able to fuse remaining items

Yes, :slight_smile:

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Your power kit idea makes sense - ideally we would receive power kits equal to the boost value of the items we have in inventory. That way at least a player will be able to store the “boost” for when he/she can afford the (ridiculous) boost and transformation costs. Power kits shouldn’t be considered as part of inventory either as that would defeat the purpose.

thanks for the reply. i thought that boost value of an ultrapower kit V(wasn’t it 50000 or something) can be equivalent to that of 5 legendary items , so that would cut down our inventory to 1/5-th. further ultrapower kits cost less in fusion(i thought so) .that is why i made such a suggestion

Newbsters already got inventory limit no grace period for them. Grace only for olda player.

If i’m not mistaken it’s around 6000 boost for a legacy legendary and 15000 for myth - but I’d imagine it would be pretty simple to just get the players’ inventory total and convert into the equivalent new power units/kits. The only issue I see with this is that kits currently count towards the inventory limit, which when you think about it, doesn’t really make sense - especially now that the so called ‘power drain’ has been applied to items which have already been boosted.

"Ultrapower kit V 50000"
It was but not anymore, I still had 8 of them in my inventory before the update trashed them all down to a lousy 3000 each :rage:

If I had any warning what they planned I could have used them on some of the Legacy weapons I still use.