Which item should I focus on?


So, I upgrade my items randomly, and I focus on upgrading my Corrupt Light the most. Because of that, my mech is terrible.

So my question is, which item should I focus on upgrading the most?

EDIT: Thanks for the help everyone :slight_smile:


First torso and legs


focus on 1 item at a time.


I recommend you to max your torso first. Then maybe your legs, drone or corrupted light.


I have found a few rare Corrupt lights, should I bother upgrading those all the way or should I wait it out for at least an epic?


you can upgrade them if you have the resources to do so (items + gold). It would not be a bad idea to hold out until you do find an epic, though. It would make upgrading faster.


I Upgrade, Weapons first


I upgrade torso first.


Don’t you have like a full black mechs


not yet full, @Dwightx.

Yes, I managed to max my torso, legs, and 2 weapons already. It took a lot of time… hehehe :smile:


I can understand that I’m on my 6th but others already have like 3 fully maxed black mechs.