Which is the most economic boss to beat

currently i am using lost valley boss for farming, its almost like a walk in the park(at normal level at least),
very less strain compared to higher bosses. again i would like to know opinions on which boss is most economical( i mean something like this,if big boy gives u 10000 in 1 play , but some other boss gives u same money,in less time and strain;but 2-3 plays; then i definitely prefer that boss for farming)

The most economic boss to beat is the strongest one you can beat without using pickups. It is cheapest in time, for me that is bigboy on hard. I also do not bother with destroying buildings. Bigboy on hard takes me 2 or 3 min to complete the whole scenario.

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BULLY, pickin on Big Boy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If the animation bot moved a little faster from bot to bot it wouldn’t take any time at all. Like speed walk or something NOT turtle crawl.

who named him(overlord) big boy?

is it with heat weapons? i beat him on normal difficulty with lava spray,meltdown hammer, inferno,cooker combo; before the update. is it still the only way

No I use energy and own him I can “perfect” every minion on normal lol. Take no damage and pick up no pickups and kill all 6 minions.

Before the update I used a shielded regenerating diamond to beat him.