Which is the best physical drone

Option -1: Solar Troch - Mythical
Option -2:Void - Legendary

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Solar Torch is better than Void.


So is almost every single drone in the game :joy::joy:


maybe this one but I do not recommend been so cruel. called destructor cat 1 :rofl::joy:

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Greedy works best as…in Resist drain…It’s the highest Drone Physical Resist among all the others.

greedy doesn’t work in real fight


Physical mechs are meant to destroy the opponent as fast as possible.

Greedy’s damage and resistance drain are just a toothpick compared to other drones, so it’s more or less useless in PVP


Greedy is the only highest Drone to use for Resist.

Greedy probably tells you: You’re greedy for damage? Okay. I’ll give you 10 Resist drain instead of damage.

Meanwhile Swoop Drone enters the chat: Fun Fact about me as a Swoop, RARELY PEOPLE USE ME

L-m backfire drone. This one most op phys drone atm.


Yep no arguments about that. It’s literally a flying infinite use Spartan that has inf range. It’s the best drone you can get in terms of raw damage and probably one of the few drones that can get a 500 dmg shot easily

Can you say its name ! please

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Screw your guys opinion my Son Tonto is Superior

void epic is best

looks cool too