Which is the best farming spot?


i need a good farming spot

  • dry lands
  • scavenger pass
  • silent waters
  • froze abyess
  • lost valley
  • danger zone
  • overlord’s den

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A quick search never hurt anyone… :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, it depends on your mech strength. What matchmaking level are you?




Ok so farm mission6 of the overlords den on normal mode until you have 200,000-300,000 credits, and then farm ramboy on normal/hard mode until you run out of fuel.
And you wont have to worry about running out of fuel on mission six overlords den because you will level up while doing it, thus refilling your fuel.


ok its working well its great on normal mode


Glad to see that things are working for you


thank you i realy like it


thank you to i realy enjoy it now.


one draw back is not getting frotune boxes.


Well, ramboy givrs you tons of fortune boxes, especially on insane mode, which you should do once you unluck more fuel slots


i got one this morning


what is the percentage of fortune box drops


I dont know, but based On what I have been getting I would say 10% chance or 20%


ok like that on insane mode or is chance raised


I have no proof that the chacnes raise on insane mode, but I got a lot more fortune boxes. The sacrifice for insane tho is that you may get more fortune boxes, but you will get less total items.
Your choice on which mode to farm, think about whats best for you :slight_smile:


ok i thank you again


No problem, Im always happy to help


so guys did it help?


can you get a fortune box from not boss campaign missions