Which has a better chance of Legendary?

Which has a better chance of dropping a legendary item, 5 premium boxes or 1 premium pack? Just want to know, since im looking for legenderies to have

we dont know chance of legendary but the premium pack is better (use less tokens than 5 premium box)

I dont care about token costs ot the amount of epics i get for tokens, All i care about is getting legenedaries

Best way for getting legs is fusing epics.
If you are looking for premium items instead, well, good luck :sweat_smile:

lol premium items is exactly what I want, im saving up tokens like a madman for the next sale

Keep in mind that’s just RNG. That said, good luck on those! :smile:

Any idea which has a better chance of dropping legendaries?

Nope. As far as I know they have the same chances, but only a dev can really answer this question and I doubt it will be the case.

You get more cards with packs than single boxes. Therefore, a premium pack has the best chance - card for card I believe its the same, its the cost that makes a difference.

i dont know the drop % for the premium box/pack, but for me its been 0%. but for silver boxes (farmed or bought) my legendary drop rate is about 0.05%…and thats a high estimation.
good luck

Wait… silver boxes don’t drop legendaries! Do they? I’ve never gotten a yellow card from one of those, and I know I’ve bought thousands…

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i got 2 after over 4000 boxes being opened… wouldnt be surprized if i was lucky and the actual chances are lower

Well. That’s news to me! but good news.

Thanks! It helps alot

I feel premium packs have more chance, because ive got packs with 3 legendaries in it a couple of times (I’ve bought only like 5 of them in reloaded) but you never drop legendaries in 3 out of 5 box you buy…

and also I think I got around 3 legendaries so far from premium box(daily bonus + campaign achiev+ bought from tokens , so around 8-10 of them)
Plus premium box gets you more cards for less tokens

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Actually there’s a small chance(maybe 10-15%) to get legendaries,I got murmur from a prem pack I bought

talking about silver boxes not premium, and from about 10 premium packs that i managed to get over 6 months, i got 1 legendary…1 out of 50 items. so MY legendary drop rate for the premium packs is 2%. i’ve opened a few premium boxes but not enough for accurate stats, and no legendarys from the boxes…

I’m poor, I spent all my savings some time ago hixhix

Just look, and draw your conclusions. :upside_down_face:

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