Which drone is better?

hi guys!
as the title says i wanted to ask you which drone is better:
Clash ( the one with a skull ) or Nemo. They are both heat drones.
I don’t have clash, that’s why i wanted to ask.
so i’m sure which one i should upgrade to myth.
btw sorry for my bad english ._.

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I suggest you clash because clash have heat resistance drain. But the two are almost same and good.

Nemo For Heat Damage
Clash For Damage


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Yeah depends on if you’re going for pure heat or heat + damage. Clash does more damage cause of the resistance drain, Nemo drains heat more.

Yeah I noticed that earlier. Haven’t upgraded mine to Legendary because it goes from like 17/12 to 19/20 heat.

due Clash

later in legendary heat costs remain in 20 but heat damage climbs.

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I got a few :kissing_closed_eyes:>:smirk: