Which dog is cuter?


yah i dont know why but besty and me get a long so well :grin:
i made a new thread go check it out please


Wepwawet+Besty=Deadly Duo


it would take not even 3 round for them both to kill meh


Yea, but they don’t get along; they’re nearly enemies.


yah thats kind of sad hey but thats the life of a top player


Goodbye for today it is 12:39 where I live so I am going to bed


i think thats a shooberno.
not an ackito.


k nighty night
hoe about you @SwiftTerminator you crashing too?
in hawaii thats a term for going to sleep just some hawaii local talk for yah


I think that’s just american slang in general but yes.


k nighty night bud
see yall tomorrow i ma go to
just sayen you find a whole lot of local peeps talken like that



if you look at this pic long enough it is low key creepy the dog is staring into my soul with coal black eyes



I like both :3
I wish I had a dog but my grandma hates the fur :frowning:


ah that sucks get a fish or a bunny


Her name is Zelda


believe it or not she is very comfortable… somehow


And her mother Abbie


We have a WINNER for this competition, PB’s Dogs are the cutest


thats not scary at all…
image this is scary…



He’s so cute when he wakes from a nap