Which dog is cuter?


Aww it’s so cute from the one pic it looked white. I’ve heard chow-chows are aggressive is that true?


i want one that bitchs at the mail man :grin:


This dog name is “Cau Vang” :smiley:



Not agressive, but they dont like to be touched too much, and like any other dog, if you push them too much, or corner them, they activate defense mode.
Hes not totally white, his ears and some parts are light brown…


oh thats interesting


It’s so funny right :smiley:


If they lay down and you sit with them and start petting them they might get up and find somewhere else to sit. Are they a more independent dog breed?


i also want one thats friendly to other people i would know and looks cute


Pretty much yes. He only loves to be pet by my daughter or me. Anybody else and hes going. Very independant indeed.


wait @lordgorgon your an adult?
aww man so many people in the forum are adults i guess thats why i am told to shh and be quiet alot


A dog is what you make it. I’ve seen nice rottweilers and mean labradors. If you treat your dog well and show it affection if should a be a pretty nice dog.


uhm wheres the cute factor


If your an adult how do you have anytime to play this silly game?


I think akita inu is the best dog breed for you


he probly has an online job so he also chats with use while at work
k i am going with bum bum bum bum bum the akita inu dog for later in life


Well he is one of the top players in the game. He seems to spend quite a bit of his time on it.


i mean it does make sense i ma still be on this forum when i an adult and at work
so who is the older one here


Are Wepwawet and bestplayerintheworld also adults :question:
I always image wepwawet as 43 and besty as 28 mostly by the maturty level In which they speak :heavy_check_mark:


Barely making battles these days.