Which dog is cuter?


oh whats a black lab
i love you guys your so fun to talk too i dont know why but its for some reason
Image result for group hug anime gif


Papillons are smart but mean sometimes.


hmm i want a smart and nice and dog that will sort of protect yo if some one trys to injure you
and one you can jst chill with which one should i get


Small or large
Cute or strong


hmm in between small and lager and in between cute and strong so like med


Maybe a chow chow because they are strong and will protect you. Also they are kinda cute and are not to big and not to small image


hmm maybe a little more on the cute side


An Akita might be the dog you’re looking for it like a bigger pom


ah i think thats it thanks for the help i ma maybe get one when i ma an adult
by the way i never got to ask but how old you guys you guys have to answer if you dont want to


Chow chow also can be white if you fine that cuter but are rare


look like tiny polar bear but i want to blonde so it reminds me of my bunny


An akita is basically the dog @lordgorgon has


oh do they come in blonde




uh thats that pic that 2ab posted it a real do cause it look like that meme dog


Akita would be the best because they do come in blonde and aren’t too fluffy like a chow which hawawii is pretty hot.


First thats a samoyede, not an akita.
2nd, mine is a chow chow, Marcel:


ah okay then that mean no sweat yes
aww @lordgorgon thats a cute dog like :heart:


They are very special type of dogs. They have a purple tongue for exemple. Marcel’s is almost black


oh thats kind of weird