Which dog is cuter?


so i think we should stop more so you


Yeah let’s back to the cute dogs :smiley:


okay my friend has a nice cat and my other friend has nice dog and i saw them sleeping together
it was nice


That reminds me of the time my dog caught a bunny.


Rowdy right now thinking about him being eaten image


no not my cute bunny friends why :sob: bad dog no eat my bunnies friends
see @2ab i told you look what you did apologize to rudy and rowdy before i make you
i ma make by raisenganing your ass


Just wonder what dog u seem cuter?

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  • 2.image

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Oh no… So sorry T_T


thank you do rudy and rowdy feel better i think they do but that bone dont look realalistic


Much better :grin:


ah there you see now they not going to kill you @2ab
@SwiftTerminator or @24178 can they be aggressive if they want to


Oh, Yea!


uh that dont look aggressive but okay


Oh noCaptursesee


Rowdy is ready for all of the snow Captuxdre


oh thats nice but hope they fight for you if some one attacks you guys
that sucks i dont get snow in hawaii :sob:


Yea probably just the ankles.


aww man i thought like the arm or some thing


Rowdy has bitten a black lab and I think he doesn’t understand how small he real is.


If you want a dog that will protect I’d say get a German Shepherd they’re probably better than a rottweiler because their smart and police use them. A pomeranian is just a cute lap dog.