Which dog is cuter?


Why would you say that?


i dont know just felt like it
any ways back to the topic now
plus they probly dont mind


That’s what I like to see!




hehehehehehe i swear rudy looks like a bunny some times


But before vote for what dog don’t u guys forgot something?

  • I like dogs.
  • I love dogs.
  • I hate dogs.
  • I like eating dog meats.
  • What is dog?

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i love them because they well love you forever beside the fact they will defend you if you get harmed if the you have that type of dog


Yep :smiley:
But i like cat more(sorry)
Ps.I still love dog :v


i can see that from all the cat gifs
but i also like dogs because there are so many types and one will never look the same as another one


What a disgrace to the Dog Clan


dogs could kill cats if they wanted to
my friends dog killed a cat and i watch the whole thing


Nah I like dog just is I like cat more a little bit :smiley:


Nah I still love dog just is my dog just died :cry:


it was terrifying but bloody and nasty but kind of cool to see how the food chain works


Umm… in my country people eat dog meats… I don’t eat.


in hawaii we eat somthing call hot dogs


Hot dog is making from pigs and cows if u don’t know -_-


i knew that all ready i just though of saying it
and i thought it would make you laugh


But in my country hot dog is make from dog meats…
Just some place.


please can we stop talking about eating dog i beat rudy and rowdy are look at the screen right now and getting scared
@24178 are rudy and rowdy scared because were talking about eating dog