Which dog is cuter?


What kind of dog is it?


I will scour the forums and find an image94f21c75812d5cdc0a2f190f4be0f17b83cc6283_1_281x500


Nevermind gorgon. No need for any new dog photos- plenty exist here (unless if you want to. Everyone would be happy to see more of marcel)


Is it a chow-chow or an Akita.



I don’t know its not my dog lmao


Rowdy when he sees Rudy is gaining votesCaptureredr


But Rowdy is still winning


Rowdy is winning by one


Did it try to “poop” in the pillow?


i just want to hug rudy forever and just squeeze him so much
its 50 50 again


@Winz_Kay, Hurry up and vote


Now Rowdy is mad Capturmdrkdme


@Winz_Kay pick rudy because he look like my bunny and your cute little bunny profile pic


Don’t tell him to do anything


what it was just a suggestion/ reason why to pick him


He has his opinions, you have yours…lets leave it at that


@24178 how did you guys first get the doggies


We bought Rudy from a guy that his girlfriend got him but she left him so he was very sad every time he saw Rudy so we bought him when he was 4 months old. P.s he first name was Bentley because his ear was bent.image

We bought Rowdy from the same breeder that had Rudy. Rowdy was returned to the breeder by a family because they didn’t like how mean he was, but when we got to the breeder and saw Rowdy he ran in front of the other dogs into my arms and never left.


awww thats nice i ma stay here because theres thing going on in the flex thread plus i was told to shut up any way thats nice
aww thats also very cute