Which dog is cuter?


Rudy is a pomeranian which originated in germany and poland.


please no more i ma getting sad i ma go do some thing else for now :sob:


Isn’t he just a big fuzz ball


One is a Papillon and one is a Pomeranian. There both dogs but different breeds.


awwwww no i am become sad again


If watching this thread makes you sad then going away might stop that (sorry if this sounds mean)


but i dont want to they so cute its so tempting to come back
i want one i want rudy because its like thea’s come back again like a reincarnation thing but as a cute little doggy
and nah it fine it kind of did though


@SwiftTerminator or @24178 how old are rudy and rowdy


Their both 4 years old. Born in the summer of 2014.


awww thats nice summer dogs do you guys take then out to go to the beach if theres one near you i think they would love hawaii they would love the beachs


We taken them to the lake before, but no I haven’t even been to hawaii it be a nice trip though.


oh okay maybe if you guys come later in life i could give you guys a tour that would be cool because i get to see your nice dogs oh that would be great idea you and your brother :grinning:


@SwiftTerminator and @24178 how old are you guys



when u login and see them on a tie and give the game changing vote to rowdy.




What a liar, you haven’t even voted, what are you talking about?


Umm… that 2 dogs is pretty same -_-


You could have said “They look very similar” instead of just a simple “Same…” where people could very easily misunderstand

(Honestly, with how I’m treating 2ab, I feel like I’m being a bit too hard on him…I apologise if how I treat you makes you feel bad…)

(I should change my ways…)


Nah i’m not 2ab…


I honestly don’t understand what you just said