Which dog is cuter?


Which state produces the most cheese has the Packers as their football team.


i dont do sports i do video game champion ships but not sports




How many islands make up Hawaii?


ah okay
a couple things about me so you know a little more about me
i dont do sports i do video games
8 islands make up hawaiian islands
Image result for islands of hawaii


There are 132 Hawaiian islands, many 8 big ones but 132.


Damn, it’s a tie although Rowdy totally won


well i thought you ment the major ones and i said i dont take geography


Kauai appears to be the second biggest you probably live there since you don’t sound like someone who lives in the main island.


hm how did you guess that
and yes i live an Kauai


What are you 14 it’s not that hard.


no 15 my b day just happened
just please do no stalking
because i ma know it you


bye to creeper but for real it is almost 1:00 we got milk some cows tomorrow


Everything I said is what you posted on the “show of you age” topic


do you live on farm it sound like it


No it’s a joke becuase Wisconsin is a dairy state.


It was a Wisconsin stereotype but we live near lots of farms.


any ways guys nighty night i ma go to bed soon
and you all go to bed to got to milk those cows tommorrow