Which dog is cuter?


hehehehe was that my account that changed it i mean my other one that i made to change the poll jst in case


oh by the way i stopped dieing after that vote was made thats weird


That isn’t necessarily true he would probably be more energetic and rudy would be wagging his little pig tail. Rowdy aka (Princess) is a very snudy dog. Always has to have the best, alway wants all of the attention. He doesn’t usually bite strangers but their dog yes. Rudy on the other hand is just the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. He’s pretty much find around anybody and their dogs. The only downside to Rudy is he just dumb and sometimes annoying. when it was time for bed he’d hide under the table because he didn’t want to be put in his cage, and when he would finally get out he would roll over and pee himself. However a lot of the stupid thing he does is funny and cute. Like when Rowdy had found and bunny nest and nearly dug out and kill every bunny and the nest Rudy was trying to save them. The bunnies died in the end, but they were wild. Wild rabbits eat everything you trying to grow, and our dog protect our plants, but it the food chain. BTW wild bunnie aren’t the same as domestic bunnies. You might be able to keep them when their babies but when they grow up boy are they going to be mean. It’s best to leave these alone. If you see one hurt help it, but once it healed it’s best to release it where it belongs into the wild.

Thanks for participating in this event, but tomorrow we’ve got something bigger in store!


the fck nani wow thats weird

hehehehe no my little bunny friends


He doesn’t do it anymore but he used to do when ever he was nervous he would roll over and pee a few drops of urine.


oh okay thank fully he got over it


any way guys i ma go now i nice to know that rowdy killed bunnies and rudy sed to pee him self any ways nighty night


For as weird as this all sounds this is all the truth.


One of the cutest things is he used to have a droopy ear and that’s why his first name was Bentley. When we got him we renamed him Rudy which is cool because it short for Rudolph.


It is 8:30 pm


7:37 pm for Winz and I


Where is it 8:30 because where I am it is 12:37


never mind i’m back thought it was next week sunday because i needed to go to bed early for some thing after school


its hawaii time buddy


Ok, wow that is a 4 hour difference.


whats your guys state time




where is that not sure?


It’s the cheesiest state on the map!
Where do I live?


uh i dont do geography bud