Which dog is cuter?


really again


Tough choice. Both are really cute, but I love the way Rudy’s fur puffs out like that.


but if you know animals i dont think it that hard


vote for rudy!

and not that other canine


i dont see whats so hard just pick one peeps, its not going to kill you or will we


@Winz_Kay come break the tie. You haven’t voted yet.


i think he going to to leave it like that


Remember voting ends tonight at 12:00 am (GMT-6)


would it be not fair if some one made a new account just to break the tie
if not i ma do that if thats fine with you guys


About 5 minutes left to vote


i’m pissed


Rowdy as won by 1 vote which I think they are pretty close because there is 31 votes


no i am dead ah i got shot


I would say this is a very close poll for having 31 votes which I did not think rowdy would win.


eh rowdy still wow at least it was not 30 to 70 off then i would have had died already


What now it is a tie the poll should be closed


the fck nani now i am still not happy


It’s a official the poll has been closed and it’s a tie according to the forums people think that their about the same with cuteness.


i’m pissed i wanted rudy to win i think if rowdy was next to me he would be biting my leg


The vote was add 1 minute after 12:00 but this way we both are happy