Which dog is cuter?


Gimme your dogs!
20 character rule…


it is trying to mimic besty.


@bestplayerintheworld has a dog? What do you mean by that?


Oh :wink:


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We had indeed a dog …


These are not pictures from our Dobermann, our was a lot thinner, therefor pretty fast :exclamation:

One time a free running Rotweiler attacked him during a walk, so we had let out the line, ended pretty bad for the Rotweiler :exclamation:

An other time a driver felt the need to stop beside me during a walk and started talking to me, Axel felt that I didn’t feel well about, I never saw a man putting up the window faster :exclamation:

RIP Axel :exclamation:



Rowdy is scared that he might lose Captureookll



No need to doubt that, I saw it with my eyes and was a little shocking moment for me, because at that time I was a little kid :exclamation:

Our was just to fast for the Rotweiler, during the fight our turned positions 2 times faster than the Rowweiler, therefor there was no chance for the Rotweiler :exclamation:

Axel had a little wound from one bite at one of his front legs, but our had the Rotweiler at his throat, that finished the fight pretty fast :exclamation:



I know it can be traumatising… I have two big dogs… American bulldog cross staffy and a french bulldog cross boxer… One went for the other, I tried seperating them, got a nasty bite on my arm… I went outside to absorb the information… Came back in to one having the other by the throat… That one got a personal ass kicking by me…
They haven’t fought since… Then again, would you after that? Proving you’re the boss of the house only to have the real boss throw you half way across the room…
Traumatising time…
Dogs not fighting anymore
Awesome scar on arm
Having to clean up some blood from the one who got pinned by the throat
Honestly, kinda feel shitty for it, but hey, gotta do what you gotta do…
Also, were you walking your dog alone?


Were you walking your dog by yourself or were you with someone?
And did the owner of other dog not get his dog off your’s?


My dad did the walk, I was just beside (god thanks on the other side), when that fight happened, I was to small to go alone, Axel would have pulled me whereever he wanted.

There was no owner of the Rotweiler, that was the Problem, therefor only solution was to let happen the fight (cos the Rotweiler attacked) :exclamation:

(that with the car stopping beside me was years later, at that time I was able to walk with Axel alone, he followed my words pretty good - not always but most of the time hehe)



I’ve done it before… Some guy had his violent ass dog off the lead which went for mine… It had an owner who did ■■■■ all… I gave the lead to my cousin, pinned the dog and kicked it away, then the owner proceeded to approach me whilst cursing and threatening to knock me out… Luckily, my cousin had already started walking away with the dog so he’d be fine…
As you can imagine, I walked away perfectly fine and caught up with my cousin… The other guy’s dog got the idea that I was a bit too much to try and bite…


I don’t know if it is a good idea to attack an attacking Rotweiler by yourself, when you have your little kid beside you :exclamation:

That could have end pretty bad for all of us :exclamation:


Topic …


Tell the kid to walk home, then deal with the dogs yourself…
Then again, you might not be able to do that, but someone like me, could… No offense intended…
Back to Topic… Rowdy gonna win!




the tie has been broken!


So far Rudy is winning tomorrow night the poll will be closed and the winner declared. If you haven’t voted; vote now because there is only one day left.


Rowdy loves the snow…for about 20 seconds


C’mon ROWDY!!!