Which dog is cuter?


Thanks for participating in this event, but tomorrow we’ve got something bigger in store!




  • Rudy
  • Rowdy

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because he/she reminds me of my bunny that sadly died last month of old age
she was so cute


Some more cute pics of rowdy4PNG



awww just what my bun bun she would do when she see’s me going to feed her or at least used too
:sob: its sad she gone i ma
you made me start crying because i loved her so much


Aww I’m sorry you lost her :frowning_face:


Rowdy is cuter but both pups are precious


Where’s the ‘Both’ option?


thanks she was nice i can tell you here name if you want


Was it Bun Bun?


Are @SwiftTerminator and @24178 siblings?


what no thats what i used to call her its was thea i thought of it for some reason when i got her so it stuck



Yes we are brother’s



Were doing a competition to see which one people think is cuter the both opinion might ruin the competition.






What breed is Rowdy?


Rowdy is a papillon which in french means butterfly because of his ears. Papillons origin is france.