Which build should I use?

Either health or energy, which one should I use?

  • Health
  • Energy

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Are those modules the best choices? :confused: you seem to have a legendary or even mythical avenger but rare modules? Get them upgraded! A lot of people forget how important modules are. Obviously you’ll want to make sure that you use epic-myth modules when possible.

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Farm 1st boss on normal, you are gonna get some good modules :slight_smile:

Mission 3 is even better!


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rly? Imma try it hope its gud

Mission 3 almost always gives a free mix box. : )

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no fortune? aww… I need those legends

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as if anyone ever has gotten a legendary from a fortune box XD

I got a Heat Storage Unit and a chromium crusher out of FB…

I got an ultrahot protector. Fused it away

The only 2 epic-myth modules I’ve ever gotten are the heat engine and the cooling mass booster. The cooling one isn’t good enough to replace my legacy cooling module.

Use that.

Use that too,for Avenger’s core stats are the worst of any torso.It compensates only by the huge amount of health it offers.

Not yet.Upgrade it and you’ll see.
Also,you have 3 energy-dependent weapons plus the drone.You also have just one single energy-free weapon,that being Annihilation.Get some energy on it for a single Annihilation won’t help that much when you get energy depleted and so won’t your high amount of health if you got no other weapons to use…

The problem is, I rarely ever get anything that I want. I can try to get another anni. Can I see the stats for a legendary cooling mass booster?

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I only have it for the Energy Mass Booster.But it’s the same with cooling.
Goes up to 48 (at legendary) if I’m not wrong.
However,get one of these if you can:

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Is this just me or is your ass really too fat?
Too many hamburgers, dude!


I got an Archimonde torso and HeronMark in the last two days. From Ramboy of course.

i have gotten 3 legendary from fortune boxes.