Wheres this WIKI team?


So a little while ago I saw a topic about a team that @Alexander was putting together that could and would handle a couple of things. (Found the topic the “Your topic is similar to” showed @Alexander topic to me how funny that it works so well)

Anyway one of these was a Wiki team, I’m wondering if this team was ever formed or not? As I’ve noticed something wrong on the Wiki well a few things but I won’t get into that here, In fact maybe we can make a thread that people can post what’s wrong with it or errors they find then the wiki team can fix it, just in case they miss things.

The thing I noticed that needs updating is this page http://wiki.battledawn.com/index.php?title=Dictionary it seems to be missing a couple of more relevant words that people use in Battledawn quite a lot.

OR am I missing a new Wiki that’s being made that I’m unaware of :smiley:


I think its a good idea to Skype him about this issue. His Skype is at the end of the topic that you linked at the beginning. :slight_smile:


I just have, Cheers.


No problem mate :slight_smile:


Firdaus Come back to life again after offline like 2 month :smiley:


Lol :stuck_out_tongue: Wiki team is still coming, its just the next update will change some stuff again, so its best to start after that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: