Where's the curve? Checkmate

I dont see the curve. One of you globeheads please show me where the curve is so i can begin to even consider your viewpoint.

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I am not sure what you mean by “curve”? I will gladly help, but please explain…

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The earth is flat, bud. Simple as that


.>using a picture of my president to try to put me down

Thing is tho, child, that was not meant to be funny. If you find humor in the truth, that is your problem

But you are totally right, Kaen! Look:

Here you can see, that in the distance, the Earth has a curve… So they got this wrong… Right?

That’s cute. You’re trying to be funny. Why is it that when someone goes up and takes pictures, there is no curve, but when a government organization or interested party takes a picture, there is a very visible curve? As far as i know the Earth doesnt just naturally curve when it feels that a government agent is taking a picture and straightens back out to normal when a civilian is taking a picture.


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