Wheres lake 😕


Now, Lake meaning @L4K3 He has to be one of my best friends on the forums.
Is he off on vacation?
Can anyone tell me if he had made a topic about him being absent?


He’s dealing with some personal issues irl from what I’ve heard from clan mates.

So do be patient. I don’t know when he’ll be back


MIA for an example…


Hopefully not anything major.
(Probably is)


I can’t really say much on it. I don’t know much other than that.

Although I do hope the lad is doing well.


He’s gonna be fine.
Let’s all hope for that.


Lake is right here


Srsly tho, I hope everything’s ok.


Godamn my old filthy jokes about him.


We actually aren’t sure if that is the cause…


Then my apologies if I’m wrong.

I still do hope Lake’s doing well.


No one can confirm nor deny… it’s all just speculation at this point. I can’t message his Facebook so I’m messaging some of his friends