Where you can get Fortune Boxes

Well, do you remember these Fortune boxe you could get in the RAMBOY Mission (First mission)?

I never got these there btw.

So I just got one of them in the BigBoy one.

End of news.


This post, good stuff. Top quality stuff, in fact


Me too. On 3 stars (20 symbols)

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Boss missions drop them, I think.

Bigboy drops better fortune boxes (3 items).

Though, I once opened a fortune box with 3 rares! Ouch. (Helpful upgrade fuel, though)

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What did you got? @SuperMechs

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not bad


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This will not end well in the end.
People never learn… sooner or later… sooner or later…


I understand what you mean…

Now show me a playable mech with 3050HP :raised_hands:

Maybe if I keep posting the “rare” fortune boxes it will be removed?

But replaced with what? “common” drops? :laughing: