Where to find Legendary items?

Hello! I’m really interested where to find Legendary items.
I have all stage cleared, I only need the tips, and answers to a few questions:

1 - Can normal stages give Legendary?
2 - Can hard stages give Legendary?
3 - Only insane stages can give Legendary?
4 - Only Boss stages can give Legendary?
5 - Only insane Boss can give Legendary?
6 - Are there different % of Legendary drop, in the stages that can give Legendary aqnd what is the %?

To bad, we can’t upgrade any weapon to Legendary or Mythical.
I’m a bit disappointed getting the same Common, Rare, and Epic equipment… :angry:
Would like to get some Epic and Legendary, without money invest.
Opened a lot big boxes lately but did not get any good stuff. :sweat_smile:

Thank You!

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you can find legendary items from premium box or premium pack (by chance)

1,2,3 - May have no chance, except on item portals and fortune boxes it can give.
4,5 - It depends
6 - less than 1% I guess

All items have the specified max upgrade range and not all items can be up to legendary or mythical. Legacy items cannot be upgraded.

What boss on what level is worth to hit for Legendary? (I can’t kill the last boss on insane only with 10 tokens)

You can find Legendaries if you throw your credit card at the screen (but this is not guaranteed, either). Tacticsoft has just nerfed the droprates again, I did not land a single “Misery Box” (they call it Fortune Box, but now drops commons and rares, so regular boxes are better) in about 4 days. And to be serious, if we take some assumptions, that you do e.g. 40 runs a day (that means refilling a 67 energy tank 4 times a day), EVERY DAY, the chance to land a legendary is about 1 in 30 days (so you need about 1200 runs to even start dreaming about a legendary). This is my experience. And I am experienced, i only use my new account, because of this:

And I guess I pretty soon will post with ID Mordulec111, because this account will be suspended too…


I like how the card captions don’t match up with the picture.

What do you think is better to farm?

1/ BigBoy on Hard (can’t kill insene without token)

2/ Or the Boss before Bigboy on insane.

3/ Or last worlds any insane stage?

It used to be like this:
If you needed EXP and coins - go for whatever level Big Boy you can defeat without reviving your mech…
IF you needed items - no other choice as Ramboy (boss mission in first world), insane level - it is lightning fast, super easy and drops boxes… But now, after a nerf, I just get like 60% drops max (so 6 boxes in 10 missions) and the quality of items is poor (mostly commons and rares)… And it is universal for all campaing misisons…


When and If you get a legend this way, not be lazy and screen it. Well I think, we’ll take some time before we’ll see this screen.

For a long time, regularly and consistently

PS to write to the PM me, for what are u banned PLZ

Yes that is why I’m asking… drop is always the same.

On the contrary, mate! They are regularly nerfing the droprates, it is getting worse and worse, each week! And now MOST FUNNY THINGS:
Officially, TS Team (Mohadib) claim that they do not nerf the droprates (but it is a lie).
Officially, TS Team (Mohadib) claim that you could not receive a legendary from a campaign mission, but it is a lie too… My whole Energy mech is made from campaign items. If you are interested, examine my setups in game (Mordulec, Reign Reforged).

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I have no idea why. The official reason is I posted an image, but none of the images were offensive or broke any forum rules. Also, staff members start unlisting from the threads (Elcent), when I try to establish why I am banned. ALSO, NO RESPONSE FROM THE SUPPORT, BUT THIS IS SOMETHING I AM USED TO…

What was that picture?

you can get legendries and epics in free item boxes, I got a whole bunch of epics so my inventory space is full of epics and I also got a few legendries

it’s secretly hidden in the back of your credit card???:smiling_imp:

Look in your wallet for legendaries

I looked in my wallet and the only thing I found there was a spider web…

I wonder where the spider went?


probably legendary:wink:

What did you do !??!?! You upload supermech videos wtf
what was the image?

I have the spider, I will take good care of it and does it have a name?