Where is the logic?

*You May Have Missed More Hit Points,Then You Lose Your Points::slight_smile:

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Try to beat it without losing any hp , you get more points

i lost 2 hp.
-945 points xD
Mission passed lol
My cube is damaged by spikes…

There is no logic in this ima done

I lost zero hitpoints and got 2000 points. And on the leaderboard I see one person with 2900… Maybe finishing it before everyone else gives a bonus? idk. Or perhaps you get more credit for over/ultra-kill etc. It always started the buggy/tank really far away from me so I had to one-shot with drone, which meant no overkill for me :confused:

but the thing I don’t get is we all have the same score but different positions…

if they have 2,000 all can be said that they are all number 1

but the rewards are different

it’s the first day maybe the next day the rewards are normal remember it’s the first day everything is crazy

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It is the first battle ordeal most will not lose life that means more points for not losing life and you get more points for critical hits each day it will be more difficult to earn points and it will be easier to lose life so every day we will have to prepare our mech for each type of boss to not lose so much life and get more points

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those who have a future are kind of hot because they turn off enenemmigos easily the physical ones will only give critical hits but they will suffer damage that lowers their points the energy type down their energy bar they will also be saved from losing so much life the affected ones will be the physicists because they will lose life what will cause them to lose points

What the heck is this ?

good question