Where is that "solution"?


Whatever happened to that “solution” for players with thousands of items? Wasn’t there going to be a solution involving power kits? We have less than 7 days left in the grace period.

You claimed that you would allow us at least 7 days prior to the grace period ending to fuse our items away.

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lol, I bet the devs are panicking right now about how to solve all the issues that sprang up or maybe not, since they’re incompetent minions

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As I posted before, we will extend the grace period to a week after the solution will be out.


Kudos to you, sir lady

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The solution will be added very soon !
A few hours, days, weeks, who knows !

Since I know they will add a Trash Can for all our items and to use this Trash Can will only cost 20 tokens per item to throw in, I am happy and I try to safe all my tokens I get every day from the not working SuperSonic !

Great game !


Something serious …

  • we will be able to make Power Kits out of our items for FREE
  • then we will have around 400 (?) - out of 2700 items - Power Kits
  • then we will have to USE AGAIN Gold to use this Power Kits for boosting ???

^^ if it is this way, can you please tell me, where the solution is hidden in that way ?



Will I get to recolor the trash can for 200 tokens?


Wow, so sarcastic, I’ve never heard of something like that before, that’s amazing!


I just got rid of all 3000 items I own, I grinded over the course of two weeks and finally i have finished

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It is time to dig this topic again… where is that ‘solution’ indeed ?


Look at this way… if the solution never comes… the item limit never applies!



Solution came and went for me and others like me @Fluxeon …it involved grinding like a dog, coughing up cash and destroying all my legacy myths…


Did they just increase item limit ETA for few more days? Cost reduction …on the other side… ;(