Where is our weekly clan reward?


@Sarah247 @Mohadib

Weekly clan rewards missing again as usual. Since our weekly alarm clock @Mordulec got suspended for his dartboard, I’ll take over his duty for this week.

Please add the weekly Grim Cobra clan rewards. Less than 2 days remaining.


Always the same issue, that’s incredible

And always the same reward


Legendary rewards should be provided this week. This is Christmas.


Give me some too then.


Am I the only one who got a premium box?

WTH is that supposed to be our Xmas gift!?


No, that’s your daily bonus.


Stop talking to yourself Flux. Maan those avatars are confusing


Not very confusing…

I am the Wabbut
He is the Nega-Wabbut

I gud
He no gud


I should make one with red hat.


Ohh lol, xD

This text will be blurred


@Fluxeon it’s a good thing you are here to replace @Mordulec!!
I will tell them to get on it.


Wee heee I got legendary from the premium box for Upgrade to legend achiev !!



Do you celebrate Christmas? You don’t seem that sort of person…


Its there now. Its gonna be a big surprise.


am I alone in thinking the top clans should atleast get a legendary each week? a single epic is litterally nothing to top players.


i agree on that one , you literally get atleast an epic per day …

Why wait a week for another grim cobra?

i mean if its still a grim cobra make it atleast legendary man…

pls @Tacticsoft



let me guess…another grim cobra reward!

@Sarah247 @Mohadib @Tacticsoft


Thanks, now I don’t have to play alarm clock. :slight_smile:


no one cares, thanks for this. We play for glory.


glory? More like we play thus game because its boring but addicting