Where is My SM Coins?, My Spartan Carnage Down Level?

I just completing my daily quest, and buying some silver boxes X5 and it’s happened
Then, i upgrading my spartan carnage, and crazy moment happened again

it is detail from pictures
picture 1 when i completing daily quest
picture 2 when i buying some silver boxes
picture 3 and 4 when upgrading spartan carnage(look at level transformation)
picture 5 when i refresh page
picture 6 final moment???

thanks for reading my topic

this happens often.
In the daily quests, if you pick up the 5000 gold, it has a chance to give you more than 5000. But it doesn’t actually give it to you, rather it is a visual glitch.
Which means, you have less than what it seems like you have.

sorry, i can’t upload a picture
so, how about downgrade on my spartan carnage???

Downgrade huh.
What level was it before?

30 to 26 maybe…

Ok, so here’s what I think happened.
You do the quests, and picked up the 5000 gold quests.
The glitch happened where instead of 5000 you picked up more than that, but of course that is a visual glitch.
You used the gold to upgrade your spartan carnage, and ended up using more gold than you had.
The upgrade screen had froze and you couldn’t press the “awesome” button.
You reloaded, but, it was not level 30 because it was level 30 when you leveled it up before you reloaded.
So you leveled it up from level 26 to 30, but because of the gold glitch, you didn’t actually level it up.

ok nevermind, i will enjoy this moments