Where is legendary?


I got epic. Horizon torso.
Every, which reach 90 achieve legendary.
I got epic.
I make a vid of it.


No, I got legend at lvl 70 on one account ad epic on another, it’s just luck


Every 10 levels you have a chanse for a legendary/epic.

its not 100% legendary drop.


To get used it: higher the level - poorer the reward. SMstyle.


I never get legendary from daily or leveling up.
I play for long, from September.
What the logic?


Logic? Droprate = 0.001% . Yep thats the logic

After you open 100 boxes you may get something useful. . . . .


LeL there’s no such thing as a guarantee legendary for levels up.


Don’t take this personal but u play for 5 month’s’ and think this is much ??? U wasted 5 month of ur life in this i 5 years XD