Where did you get your forum nickname?


So, yeah, Where did you got your forum nickname, guys? I got mine from my YT channel. I got my YT channel name from nickname from some other game. I got that nickname in that game because I wanted to create a new account with a cooler nickname. I wanted to cal it Legendary_Skiller but it was already used so I called it Skiller_Legendary (spaces are not allowed in nicknames in that game).


I, being a lazy username creator, one day tried to create username on a site. I tried dank (already taken) then dank memes (already taken) and then dankmemes12938583 (taken)
I thought all was lost. But then, I made a unique username in my head based off these lazy usernames
And thus dankmementos was born (I thought of dankmemes, and mentos gum)

For quite some time before I thought of it, most my usernames were WhenBirdsFly


My sm name initials


My old forum username


My Steam username…

Too bad that i don’t use Steam lol


I played gd and dowNloaded some neon 2.0 texture pack.
then I somewhy remembered cartoon named “Gravity Falls” and looked at my vocabulary.
I rotated it to random page and saw word “firing”.
Then, I apologised SM nick will be cooler when I add “bot”. Thats how I’m FiringBot.

sometimes i call it mech on fire


I used to use the name “Dubious Intent” online playing some games, which I shorted to just Dubious. I mostly have played fantasy MMOs and so Dubious was a non-fantasy name for other types of games, in most of the games I play (fantasy) I used the named Ellimist, Elladyr, and a few others.


got mine from Monster Hunter… i just thought the hunter armors looked like knights, and i wanted to be a hunter so… boom (for most games my actual ign is HunterKnight109 (idk why i like the 109…)


my games i play in game names


No one knows my identity nobody knows I am nobody knows sisoy an alien or no one knows anything about me so I create a common name and nobody would still know who I am!


I got it by randomly jumbling words in my head


Got mine when I was finna YEET


…You are Antonio Ortega.


no idea


that would be very easy to leave


Loooong story . My in game name se77en came from some ridiculous set of circumstances that have tied me to the number 7 itself .


How I imagine my name, Jamie, would sound if said by Timmy from South Park.