Where are yall gridning campaign at?

Personally , i prefer to raid mission 6 in insane on the last zone. Decent reward , easy layout , 7 energy .

i have 100 energy , i can do around 14 raids a day. Mulitply 14 with 9600.

Pretty dang good right? i made 500K yesterday

1300+ hp recomended , the tank & buggy deal a lot of damage , tbh the mission is easy if you have a banger energy / phys mech. Heat will takes you more turns and hp to overheat them


I just did the bare minimum. Mission 3 on the last zone. Pretty good, since the buggies were weak and there was only one mech.

I could only do hard though, since I wasn’t good enough.

And now, I don’t do any at all :smile_cat: Instead, I focus on homework, and my grades are all A’s and A+'s now.

Moral of the story: Go do something with your life (i.e. learn coding and code a better game then SM)


I used to farm the 2nd to last mission on normal because it was like, 5 fuel while it gave a really good amount of coins. After farming that until i reached 2 milli coins and my new issue became getting items. So now i just farm ramboy on normal, since its the lowest fuel amount needed to get a guaranteed, or near-guaranteed box.


I farm just one mission nothing else.

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Which one? If i may ask

Mission 6 never gave me anything near to 9600. It gives around 8600 same as mission 3. It only gives 170 more XP but the gold is the same. And mission 3 is way easier and faster to finish.


That thing stopped working. Thanks. Yesterday was nice . Now I need the item limit off .

I was grinding ramboy ez 22 times a day before the update

A fast mission that only gives boxes :v:

Has anyone gotten a legendary from any mission except Big Boy? I run mission 6 that people are mentioning when I don’t want to spend time and need gold, but otherwise run Big Boy for the tiny chance at legendary.

None, it you grind any mission too much the box drop rate slashes, huge. I used to grind ramboy, but after i do it a few times now, the boxes quit coming.

I am a noob, i just need to get my stuff to myth. So that is what I did. Now i log on praying to get a box out of anything.

So you dont grind missions anymore. You cant. But in games like this i have played in the past, when devs make huge sweeping changes like this, the cheaters come out in full force. Then folks get added to the cheater ranks since theyre pissed.

I am not the one to root my phone or download a bot as i am too old for that kind of thing, but many users are. Then devs instead of paying for or developing decent anti cheating measures, further restrict good users by trying to counteract bots by reducing quality and number of boxes recieved. Just like clash of clans. I quit that game for this one. I could either go back, or i could find another game. The should square things up.

All this in pursuit of getting people to buy tokens. Which, newsflash, people dont buy tokens, because whenever they spend them, we usually get hot garbage like gumiho torsos or legs. No wonder people dont buy them.


I often play Bigboy.

But if I am in a hurry, Ramboy is fine.

I used to play mission 7 in the last campaign because it was fast and drops good gold. But the item drops were terrible. It was good when I was after gold, but now, I needed upgrade fuel more, instead of buying them from fast-inflating boxes.

Well you can easily blast through 50 fuel and not gain the “collect 20 items” acheivment. So thete is that.

Just buy the boxes 3,400 4,400 5,400 6,400 7,400 8,400 etc

Yes, and with the current state of “not exactly a guaranteed item drop” on bosses, it has become tougher.

I ended up buying more boxes than usual so I can get more upgrade fuel.

When you say “buying” boxes do you mean real money?

boxes for coins dudette

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Yup. @Dwightx, the gold coin box which increases after each purchase.

I usually stop when the box costs hit around 8K… but with the rate of boxes, and more gold, I ended up buying more… heh.

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I stop exactly at 10,400 coins

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Maybe if I get this I have a higher chance of getting good items rather then buying x2 335 token boxes what do you think?

(^ coin boxes 3,400 4,400 20,400 etc)