Where are the shields?

after the update i couldn’t find any shields or anything like that.
what happened to them?

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i dont know i have the same problem i cant encounter an shield or charge modules

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Charge Engines still exist.

Shields? I’m afraid that’s now just a legacy item. :frowning:


happy I saved my 25% energy shield


Oh great so now we’re going to get a bunch people using shields with 20-25% absorption and no one is going to be able to counter them since they’ve been fizzled out. It’s the same problem with the mythical specials as none of the new ones (at least to my knowledge) have 2 uses, only those legacy ones.

(And yes, I am one of the fortunate ones who has some of those items I admit)


I kept my teleports of 1 kg. besides 3 teleports of 2 uses and 3 two uses pìnzas each …

I also didn´t let the “fire” go, so far I have not seen a weapon that to move away 2 places.

I had 4 shields of 15%, but I don´t have them anymore. With the blow so strong of the weapons of now, surely could deplete the energy. And most guns need energy now. I didn´t think they were too useful.


Using 20% heat shields is still handy to help defend against energy mechs


i only have a 15% energy shield