Where are the Christmas Hats gone ❓


Where are the Christmas Hats gone :question:

@Berserk40000 @SilverBox


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._. ok den

  • bring dat bak
  • ok den dont bring bak

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:joy::ok_hand: Weko still have it in my inventory


Its not christmas


Are you sure :question:

Mine are gone from my inventory and in the shop they are also unavailable now :exclamation:

Thats why I ask :exclamation:



:joy::joy::ok_hand: i very sure i still have it @bestplayerintheworld


They got rid of them, because of one of the special mission. “Boost using 100 items and receive 100,000 gold.”


i dont want them to bring it back because you can tell if there is a new player or an old player


Unless an old player did not bother to buy the Xmas hat cause it has no use except decoration.


Let me guess, you have like 3 of those in your inventory and want to flex?


8 maxxed magmas also disapeared from my inventory.
I demand them back.



Just asking…

Best, Did you only just Realise they were gone?..Didn’t someone already make a Topic about this?


Only 8 Magmas?

For me it’s 3 Maximum Protectors, 20 Platinum Platings, 2 Double Teleporters, 11 Magmas, 13 Bunker Shells, 3 Valiant Snipers, 6 Mercys, 4 Crimson Ruptures, 6 Ash Creators and many more that I am missing.


The glitch affected peeps differently it seems. On my end, ironicaly, it left one magma in the inventory. That one seem to say “fak you mate”.

Do like me, a simple mail to the support line, i have good hope for the items to be returned.


The shop also disappeared from my account, I’d gladly take it back.


Wait, I remember now… I was dead drunk yesterday and traded them away for common Power Kits at a rate of 1 item for 1 Kit so that I could level up my AWESOME Advanced Teleporter to myth level 50:


For me it gave me 200,000 coins, XD i keep all my perks


Hey, when exactly did you find out the hat was gone? :slight_smile:


IMO the red hats should be only disponible during december anyway.

And so the Pumpkin could too, during halloween, as it’s probably everyone’s favorite perk. I’d pay that 300 tokens easy for being able to feel how does it feels to run a tripple pumpkin in Reloaded


The glitch only mildly effected me, I am missing a reckoning, a max protect, a mighty protect, and 2 plat plates. Be great if that error could be fixed :ok_hand: