Where are our level-up rewards?

So, now everyone leveled up based on their amount of XP (e.g. I got to lvl 52 because I have >1.5 million XP) but where are our rewards…? What was the point of this if we don’t get what newer players get??

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Yeah where are the rewards?

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From the beta i remember getting energy refills and increased space in inventory. Don’t think i ever got a premium box but then i did only get to about lvl 20 :confused:

Okay, I reached lvl 53 (I was close to it) and I did got some rewards. So, we got literally nothing with this “too much XP level-up” thing.

Aaaaaand… what rewards did you get?

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I can’t remember (yep) but I got an item box which had 2 epic items, and I probably got at least an energy refill, more inventory slots and some credits (gold now lol) + few tokens.

One thing I’m sure about is the item box I mentioned above.

My XP is decreased by a digit :unamused:

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I don’t know if I can bump or not but bump.

Tacticsoft bamboozled us (again).

4 Million experience landed me around level 77. That’s 77 levels worth of token and other rewards I’m missing out on. Majorly disappointing, hopefully just a bug.

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It would have been nice if we were given some rewards for reaching the current levels we are on…

A bunch of item boxes and gold would have been nice, you know?

ANYTHING would have been nice.

This fancy number means nothing. :sweat_smile:

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Yup, the developers didn’t give us old (or at least pre-update) players any chance to “switch” to the new update…

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Hello everyone,
If you feel you didn’t get your beta rewards ( which were given in tokens).
Please email [email protected] with your User ID that you used in the beta.
They will check.

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I’m sorry but I wasn’t talking about the beta level-up rewards, I was talking about the rewards of the new update.

However, if you (the developers) wanted to compensate the “auto-level-up” with the beta’s rewards, then the reward is honestly nothing compared to the behindhand rewards.

We can look at this from two perspectives: either we

  • didn’t get the new update’s rewards starting from level 31

or more fairly (because the whole level-up rewards system has changed)

  • we didn’t get ANYTHING, starting from level 1 onwards

Nor the achievements and campaign tokens if you had completed them and any tokens you purchased and used had the value of your items set pretty much to zero and to add insult to injury - go delete all those items. Except you have to pay to delete by fusing into grey items just to try and get rid of everything you had earned.