Where are my 2 legendary


I thought not to create this issue because at the time I did not take captures, but I will tell you why it happened again, in the reward they give you when you enter and I have spent 2 times, even though they tell me that I have legend assured what they give me. It is a primiun box in saved boxes are an epic … I want answers why this should not happen.
my ip to verify and see how I get them reach
this bug does not happen … answer me


Premium boxes aren’t assured legendary if that is what you are asking


‘.’) you did not understand me … daily they give 2 legendary or epic letters, in short I am in the legendary cycle and they did not give them to me, they replaced them with primiun box wwith random possibility, when they are supposed to give it directly when you open the reward not to leave them in unclaimed objects that transform into random primiun box … now if you understand what happened to me


Why the heck do they give u 2 legendaries daily!?


I do not know … they do not give you?


No dude what the hell !!!


if you want tomorrow I put a screenshot but I want my legendary check it, it’s not fair to miss that


When / how do you get the legendary weapon


this is most extraordinary… unlike those archimondes that I got


seriously … if you want I show you the text that says 2 legendary insured … I do not lie … so that it does not come out to you, the accounts that you use all of you


Im not sure but I think he is talking about the old daily reward system where you got two legendary items at the 21th day.


friend … they still give 2 legendary but 1 the first week and the other the last


aww… I got one on the first box, and one on the last box, both premium. That is also how I got my sparked runners…


there is some way that the administrators of the game give me my legendaries … this is unfair … wait many weeks for the delivery is buge


keep in mind, it is 3 weeks, or a month. BTW, no administrator, even @Mohadib or @Sarah247 could help you there.


It’s good to do about 4 days I think I missed the last one, and about 7 more days ago I lost the first one, this being the last daily reward of that cycle, I recently passed


I never get legendaries from daily reward


tomorrow I take a photo and I hope that my legendarias give me the truth that I get angry, the first time I passed but 2 times … just need the last not be legendary


if I’m not wrong I think he talks about the daily legendary bonus streak after getting daily the daily bonus you get 2 legendarias to the force I think if you do it on a roll you get maybe 10 legendary a month just that never huh I could do it because sometimes it does not let me get the bonus


Am I the only one who don’t get any “streak” or I don’t know abut it? What are you all talking about