When's strategy getting re-implemented?

Cause in the ladder, I have 2 myths. I get matched up against some fully fused all myth try hard, and strategy goes out the window. Everything I do causes me to take massive damage and I simply CAN’T compete.

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It´s very difficult for you to compete with a guy who charges 2 or 3 death punchs on his mech.

3 days ago a player had a battle in me, he had only 2 deat punch. Passed no more than a few minutes and the same player appeared with 3 more death punch (if he plays in 3x3 he will have to face an opponent with 5 of these weapons). Come on! I do not know how he did it! Now he does not lose with anyone. Good for him!

You have to accept it, when you take weeks to get a good OP item, there are people who can get 2 or 3 like yours in a while.

Never think that you are not competitive, you are honest that is different. And you believe in values like fair competition. Don´t feel bad or out of place for that.

Seriously, someone tell me how I’m supposed to beat THIS.

And reaching for my wallet isn’t a valid strategy.

do not worry, see little by little I’m sure you can improve your mech and move on, this version is still young, be patient and do the best you can, give it time and reach a competitive level. in my case I do not spend on it game. others that if they spend first reach level 50 all their mechs, I will one day reach that goal.

friend there are only 50 levels of improvement, some came very fast (because they spend in the game). do not worry, for example, it will take me 1 century to do it, but I will also arrive in the same way. Be patient. and remember there are players who are really pro, others simply spend a lot and take advantage of this version start.

there are others players are pro, and have also invested a little bit.
as in the case of rising of the HardToKill clan.
he is an old pro player, he is winner of many medals before this verion. and now he has a privileged account very well balanced, and he invested, today for today it is almost invincible.

just keep going …
this version is just beginning. the game is just beginning.

if you are the physical mechs, use the distance, this heat mech dont have attack range 2, use it in your favor, he will always have to step back and use only one attack at a time, for when he can use a double attack he will be dead

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One shot+ his myth drone is enough to paralyze my mech

Reach for your dad’s wallet.

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I will not drag my family into this money trap

Make some friends irl (u prolly dont have any since u play this game lole) and use their credit cards.

Not dragging my friends into this either

Friends are expendable tho

And it almost sounds like you are implying that you currently have some friends

Because I don’t share your attitude towards friends lol

lol at first I wasn’t sure which side you were when you were asking “how to beat this?”.

Your mech with a similar level of fusion would trash that heat mech. Teleport, grappling hook, jump, charge and exploit his lack of 1-2 range weapons.

But I agree. It would be nice if there were more options for strategy. At low-mid levels, it’s super fun exploiting holes in peoples’ mechs, but frustrating because you play vs much stronger mechs 30-50% of the time. At higher levels it’s more even, but there are no holes to exploit and little strategy because all mechs are well-built.