When you first started playing SM?

No, it already wasn’t perfect at that time. But things were still a little fun.

The further you go back, the better the game gets. :slight_smile:

Yeah, now things are broken, destroyed. It’s a barren wasteland of money, money, and more money being used on this game. I really wish we could revert back to the old version, or atleast have another game that is the old version. Now stupider Mechs is getting destroyed.


I am noob … I started in April 2016

But I did “wonderful things” like playing Dewah77.

I saw the Happy Poppers armor / saurus combo, saw Aegis play the Gaymode without resistance and se77en used the legendary shotgun. Then, The Hunter and me combined all that, we added a nova and from there arose that popular phys mech armor / nova / shotgun. A little later they appeared the legs of 2 uses …

Old Exit was the first to bring the mech diamond back into the game. And several adopted it. Old Exit I think he’s to blame for those damn diamonds right now.

Anyway I could not understand how there were people with 3 or 4 years in the game. I was sure I could not stand it for more than a few months …


Because 3 or 4 years ago, the game was actually fun. (Believe it or not)

So it actually isn’t that bad to want to play it a lot back then. :slight_smile:

Oh, and it also wasn’t infested with cheaters like today.


And in a plan to remember, special mention for the Pegasoto´s clan, which was my first clan. I miss Pegasoto a lot, good leader and best friend!

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I remember that old world map campaign , It was the best campaign
Paint shop , No Myths Good time

Me in the top players :cry:

There was a campaign before that world map one.

It was ridiculous.

I kept getting smashed by campaign opponents.


World Map one is better

I started playing SM sometime in 2014, had a long break, started playing again many months/a year ago just to see mythicals, and now this :confused:

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