When you first started playing SM?

When I first started playing supermechs was more fun. Started somewhere between 2012 to 2014. Can’t really remember. The campaign was either before this one or after.

I don’t remember doing this one. I skipped 2015.
Then came this camaign.

When I was playing, there was crafting. Not really a good thing.

You would only get a few uses of that item, after it be gone.
This was the old shop.

Back then you were able to buy more power kits.

Item box was 2500, than 5000. There was also premium accounts. (I actually used that)

Work shop was like this

What I liked about it was that it let you know how many Items you have.
Than It upgraded to this.

and kept on upgrading.
Here was what color kits were.

So, yea. Some good change and not so good.


I remember when you could sell items in the shop! Ah nice picture of the old campaign! I miss the good old balanced days!


Joined Late November 2014.

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Joined somewhere in mid 2016 near august or september i not know
But back then there used to be everything good colour ;kits etc everything was there and game was a lot balanced compared to now
Back when i joined there used to be this crafting but i never knew how to use that option xd

Before 2014…
It was way better back then… agreed

2012-> pause-> in 2015 come back
Began to actively play in 2016.

I think you can check the exact date by logging in to the old forum with your nick. User control panel.

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Yeah, but that’s forum account. It’s connected to the site supermechs. I didn’t play on the site. I played on another website. It turns out I was wrong about when I was playing. I did come back in 2015. That’s when I created my forum account.

Well, hopefully this coming upgrade makes the game better.

Started in 2012, man I miss those days the game was so fun, plus I remember when there was a friend list.

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Yes, the game gets more entertaining the further in time you go back.

I think it’s the one of the only games that I can say this about.

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I started playing SM during the time when hauntecleres and call of ligtnings were considered pure cancer, bet you arent old enough to know what a haunteclere is :slight_smile:


This is what i remember when i started playing in late 2012

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Where do you guys get these old-school gifs from??? Yay, times of nostalgia… I started in 2014 I believe, I completed the second campaign, the one with yellow and red side missions you could only buy for tokens. Yep, the shop was awesome, I purchased 3 1 kg teleports to deal with the weight problem :slight_smile:. Some time later the God Mode torso was introduced and I got crazy about it! IMHO there is no better looking torso in the game right now. GOD MODE is sexy beast!

Once upon a time
in school during computer lecture, i was at last bench. i used to play rider santa at flashgames247 during lecture. i was lookin for pvp game because i used to play counter strike online at home. so i grew interest in strategy base games.

first two days of game i wont understand why i get shutdown and i don’t get my turn. i say to my opponnet ur cheater why im not getting my turn give me ur cheat or i quit :frowning:

meanwhile my brother change my a/c password. i talked to ilona on skype with cry face. n she was kind to unlock my a/c.

lvl15 was my base back than. 2wingun 2yelloworm lucifer fort wall jim beam. to get this gear i tried more than 20 times. credit card was no go for me. mrOneTwo used to play at lvl18 i make sure not to battle with lvl18 lord. just beat newbster n HAVE FUN.

i believe in speaking truth afterall one day we’ll go to hell. and our god mode won’t work against theDevil :slight_smile:

I have some old photos too:

When computers had levels too:

When there used to be 150 levels:

All time rankings:

And the best ladder system They reseted the weekly tour but they didn’t reset the the number of your all time wins).:

And here is my all time favourite mech ( level 33 mech in the 150 levels system):


I played the game very first time at 2012!
But game just boring in those days! Because it s not completed back then!

Year 2016!
Ssundee released a sm video that motivated me to game again!

Year late 2017!
Now the next gen will begin! I will the new master of this game!
And 150 level system makes big nostalgic return!

Really?? I thought it was just a hype… this guy ruined the Youtube event for mythical box givaways for certain number of subscriptions… I really enjoyed them…

Lol what a joke.

I remember when i saw every paradoxon’s rplays
Was my idol xd

Joined late 2015- early 2016. Things were perfect back then when the game was actually fun. Now they’re all greedy dirtbags that want money and ruining everything. Rip supermechs 2012-2017.

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