When was the forum made?


reffer to the title
was it made when reloaded came out?
educate me pls


Tacticsoft did not create the forums, rather uses it under it’s host website “Discourse”.


when was this forum created?2017? the oldest topics ive seen are from october 2017


It was here before sm reloaded. For a while it was bd only but even when they let sm players come it was pre-reloaded.


thank you misfit
off topic but you and yeet are the smartest here (in my opinion dont kill me if im wrong)



One of the oldest Supermech Post from the old forums ^^^^


which grandpa wrote it?


one of the old tactisoft mod/ admin , Simen.

U can still find him on skype.


Oh boy…lol…so old…Discord is the new thing