When was last time we had a solid new physical item?

Hi all, with everybody talking about what is the meta and everything related; premiums, drop rates etc.
İf i remember correctly, the last physical items introduced were the marvelous armor destroyer thing and the never equaled mighty pusher.
When are we supposed to get an interesting new phys item? An energy free drone?
Heat and energy got some interesting ones; faceshocker (no need for comments), VR (efficiency discussable and discussed a lot, but at least an interesting one), or the flaming scope (same coment as VR)

New item=portal=everybody can theoretically get one of these



Eww spartan carnage have no portal…

Maaaaan i wish it had, id equip a dual right away

Because it’s not a new item.

But the myth is new

We are probably going to have new physical legs, the ones i made.

Not sure if it’s gonna be splited at R-E and L-M, but it’s comming soon.

(They will look a bit different thought.)


I thought a new phy torso or drone

Iron devourer
Iron devourer



cant log the pic. Are these rollers?

Those look amazing (as all your creations do), but Idk about the stats, they’re on a whole new level of imbalance, at least imo.

(that is if they use the same stats posted on the other topic).

Tho people should have pm’ed about the issue - just like I did - for having it solved, instead of having a tons of thread on the forum and casually fusing it away.
I know it shouldn’t be like that and that bug threads should be actively checked by the team, don’t get me wrong, but everyone around on the forum for enough time, like you and like everyone else who was creating threads about Carnage, know that things are going this way and that when you want something to be inspected in a short time frame you send a pm.
I did that and they fixed the weapon in a day. So imo it was worth trying before dumping that weapon and complaining later.

Btw as Killin pointed out hopefully we’ll have his legs available for us in a short time!

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The team never use stats coming from players, they decide stats on their own.

Well that makes sense now, hadn’t seen his other works stats (if they had any), prior to them being added. So I assumed they used actual player stats.

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I don’t think they’ll reuse words they’ve used for other weapons ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Tank Feet

If the stats were made by me, make sure it was made to be umbalanced. :))

But you can just ignore any stats made up by players because are the devs who decide it.

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Maybe make them a little more “solid”?
A physical’s gotta be and look tougher.

Exactly, the new look is huge.

İ can see them now. Great work mate, would be great to see these.