When they no longer know how to win

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vale verga contra un energy

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That fgt got some good health

10 Photos taken moments before disaster.

how much money did he spent to get those plates?

His cheater…

OMG … please search help … or accuse me please for cheating … so the devs have something to laugh, and not everything and everyone who is better then you :exclamation:

Stop this nonsense to accuse everybody … start watching in your own rows :exclamation:


Nono … you will be that one who will shut up now very fast …

just watch what will happen now …

never start a fight against me little boy :exclamation:


P.S.: I NEVER shut up :exclamation:



OMG! Had told me that the sale in accounts in Russian sites was existing. It’s the first time that I see it!

Those who defend this, are accomplices.

This could even be a criminal complaint for illegal sales in internet, the same as before with Kigblinc.


I informed the tactical team about this cheating site, in response they said that they know about it and try to ban such accounts !!!


What a nonsense …

  • I never defend cheating, the total opposite, I think my report/ban quote is like about 70% :exclamation:

  • but I am against accusing everything and everybody

Thats 2 total different things. yes of course your mind dont get that.

So dont write such nonsense …


those accounts are sold by the RUSSIAN MAFIA, YOU SHOULD CALL YOUR MOUTH, could you be in danger without you knowing, ALL THE RUSSIAN ARE TOADS BLOWS?

But it´s not enough to ban the accounts sold! Nor is it enough to suspend the group that sells them! They can open another group and continue with illegal sales.

This only stops with a formal demanda, as appropriate. And that is exemplary for all who try to do the same.

Unfortunately, the forgiveness granted to Kigblinc, set a very negative precedent, which far from de-skewing illegality, in a way encouraged others to do the same.

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can buy a cheating account, but I’m against cheaters, I’m for fair play … but tactics do not do anything about cheaters …
p.s. I play cs: go and often see how my opponents cheaters get an eternal ban! But in SM this is not …- (


the world to be a world must be like that, unfortunately, but not everyone has to blame cheating, when someone blames someone for cheating or fraud this should have strong evidence or better explain how the trap is done so the moderators will take letters in the issue and correct that error

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Well well well…how an entire clan stands united… defending the frauds.
This just shows how deep the borrow of the rabbit goes.
The sales of cheated accounts never stoped, it just changed skin.
Will it ever stop? Probably not.
Will the accomplices of these frauds stop? Nope… they will just recruit them in thwir ranks.

Sure… that is why all the reports that you have made in the past… are in your clan now.
Just a fact.
What happened with kakaturi(aka kevin25), last of the wilds(aka bought account lvl 25 all fused 10 myth hp plates less then 1 month ago) , b3for( aka lazeski now), Optimus( aka shadow, lvl 11 1 month ago), all your reports are here on the forum about cheaters, about hackers, they are all in your clan now.
So wonder who lies little one? You fight for fairness and against cheaters? Really… i say you only blow… air… dust in the wind, empty words, no honnor.

Ha ha ha, come i challange you, i win you make a nice appology here for all the crap you said to others, to each and evry forum and player you have insulted and looked down upon.
Evry member of this comunity is pretty sick of cheaters and scamers and exploiters… yet you defend them… until when?


Don´t forget Asa … who was also reported and publicly humiliated by this “lady” …


Madao san is selling accs lmao


Why will it not surprise me! But that explains many things.

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Thats true for a fact , that (almost) every cheater she complained / whined about is in her dorkish clan , remove the cheaters and play legitimately.

Dont assault other clans for being “worse” just because your shitty ass cheating clan has a better k/d ratio.

Nor shall you assault any other player , if you have a bank account dont shove it in peoples’ faces and dont make them feel bad for not being able to get good cause they dont have money.

You shall be ashamed , attacking the cheaters then letting them slide into your clan and not complaining. Its basically once you see someone do it you hate them , but once you have it in your possesion you shut the ■■■■ up cause you dont want it taken away.


ElMetre all you do the whole day is spreading LIES LIES and LIES …

and that you make now for YEARS :exclamation:

Daniel one of the biggest cheaters in this game had to stop leading Littlelost your lost clan cos your own members get it that you cheat all the way and magically the account littlelost … turned into a cheater account …

Then you tried to hide it with a name-change, after I reported it …

So your lies have short legs, very short, as pretty all is at you, thats why you like “little” so much :exclamation:

A huge LOL … :laughing: … for all your LIES :exclamation:



P.S.: here once more help for you to handle your EnVy …

HardToKill = Nr1

Littlelost your lost = lost


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