When thanks to the "rain of gold"


When thanks to the “rain of gold” finally the “night falls” then ultimately the "wind forge"s a new beginning.


Sup my boyos how's it goin

You really are going to eliminate these weapons I do not want to see …


no those weapons are the best


I still have 1 legendary Nightfall and 2 epic Nightfalls left.
So yeah, with 8 Nightfalls and no physical mech using 5 to upgrade my Windforge seems good.

Btw. as my post already stated it is thanks to the gold bonus in campaign.
I only had 3 legendary Nightfalls so far and 5 epic ones.
Thanks to the gold rush I was able to upgrade 3 of the epic ones to legendary and then use them as food.


Is Ultimate a pun, too? Because the Nightfall is based off of the Ultimate Gun from legacy.


I didn’t know there was such a legacy item.
But as expected of me to even make a pun without knowing that it is one.

Just joking.
Though I really had no idea that there was such a legacy item.
So there was no pun intended.
But it is good as long as people have fun reading it.


And Gau-ba too (not sure about that)


@lordgorgon had to tag you there, don’t hate me mate :joy:


Wanted to do the same since he is desperate for NF


Im not bothered anymore supreme leader ;). Still hurts a bit tho. Go check clan chat.


You are an evil,evil human being.
Well,as a WF user myself I can understand but that,right there,is a declaration of war to physicals!


If you had 8 NFs and no physical mech while currently building an energy mech and having NF drop about once a week (or more) then you’d use it that way, too.
After all it will take some time till I finish my energy mech and go to build a physical mech.
So I’ll have dozens of NFs again at that time.


Staaaaaaaaaaap this mate :disappointed_relieved:


With the rain of gold I managed to improve 3 legendary in 1 day :smiley:


I´ve got another one:

"OH, ‘Supreme Ones’, do you have any ‘Last Words’?




Eliminastes 5 super guns .-. the same will do but with corrupt lights xD


I simply had 1 Supreme Cannon (legendary) and 7 Supreme Cannons (epic).
So I upgraded 4 epic to legendary.
Then I used them for Last Words.

As for Corrupt Light:
I only have 1 epic Corrupt Light.
That is why I could not use that.


I now have few Super cannons or I think I only have one … and a desolation so I have to leave those two weapons xD


i’m afraid to know how much you spent on tokens…


Don’t think they spent much on tokens.

Probably luck and the upgrading stuff is pretty easy if you know what you’re doing.