When Server do neck flip

Yesterday hcr2 game server did neck flip.
What to expect ?


Sm will never do that.They only care about profit,why give people good stuff for free?


To keep us not leave :V


Nice topic.

Jeez, that looks generous, a free legendary chest and 200 gems!


Lol the image used up is funny.

13 hours ago … good.
I will immediately go home this afternoon for this offer!
I play on PC (windows 10) so it’s better because account transition
Holy crap …
But Fingersoft don’t lack money. TS …
Fingersoft’s GOOD.
[Edit] Two hours (or one?!)
Don’t crash THIS time … good.

News loading …
??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?? ??? ???
RIP. don’t have it lol
FINE. didn’t grab my bag of luck …
restart game.

Not the best drops, but Fuel boost. Hmm.
I prefer coin boost (got it on useless BUS)

Color code: white is common (same), yellow is maybe rare(copper or brass), purple is epic (same), and blue is legendary
legendary chest guarantee a legendary, so … yeah.


SM Needs money

They didn’t gave me an alert sign when I accidentally bought the 5 inventory slot



Coin boost, It’s too hard to lend from boxes. You need to buy coin boost for 500 gems check every day car parts sales.

I got coin boost for my bus.
Yeah it’s rather dumb and crap I know that
Like I have booster (the flying stuff) for my scooter (RIP fuel)
This is 2nd fuel boost I have. First one is on awesome rally car (true)
But I use the level 13 snow tire on the rally car (add 100 traction)
Fuel boost for the super jeep …
Super jeep isn’t that useful. BESIDE certain levels * cough * some mountain * cough *
Apparently you can see I have super bike. UTTER TRASH. Tell you that right now.
Super car comparable to a maybe slightly better formula, but formula have a bit more traction. (yeah, more than rally car)
Lower end cars tend to have good wheels and bad center of gravity (uh … monster truck?) like Super jeep. 300 traction on a few upgrades are impressive. If you put 300 traction (natural) on the rally car then you have a ground rocket. Literally.

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