When said "Huh? What? 1 HP?"



Rng gods are watching


Why didnt you take a picture of your screen with your phone? The image would be even smaller :slight_smile:


Where is the “take a picture” option :question:

He cannot find it :grey_exclamation:



Crop image using any photo editor thru the PC also works.


you can crop without program



So you’re saying you killed him and only had 1HP left ???


I think he died not likely he can do 351 damage with those weapons xD

I had a video of me winning with 1 healthpoint but the video got old so I didn’t upload it, its unlisted though


If he had then I would’ve understood posting it but not just because 1hp.

I had a few myself in the past with 1 HP and was able to kill them, one in particular had 400hp left luckily I was within 2 space hit area and kept over heating him with OLD Lavaspray then Headhunter, finished him off with a jump back then Supreme Cannon.


I had one where a phys mech lowered me to 1hp and still had 700 health left and i overheated him constantly and brought him down to 75 before he got a move and finished me. Sad times


I kill him, cuz hammer deal 280 dmg


And, i still have one firestorm, which heat 42 and hidden very well


oh you are the mech on the right