When Playing on the Your Phone


When playing on the phone, you get that one call that interrupts the battle. So what do you do?

For me, I answer it. Though, 95% I loose when I answer it.

So, what about you?

  • I answer it
  • No, I don’t answer. Battle more important. Though I call back after.

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If it’s my mom,dad and others that calls me,then yeah i should probably awnser it.
But for unknowns…go away.

I should just vote for awnser it cause i don’t get unknown numbers too much at my phone.


I have these new things called caller identification and voice mail, so I can see who is calling me. If I dont know them they can leave a fucking message, if I do know them they can leave a fucking message.


I answer and play in the same time


I don’t answer it cuz i don’t play super mechs on phone , and i don’t have a phone , LMAO


I put them on speaker and keep playing…