When players focus too much on energy

When a player focuses too much on energy then something like this can happen even in the higher ranks.
Look at heat and shutdown values.


That is not me, I don’t focus about energy because Naga is gonna cover that, I’m focused about it’s sh*te HP and heat though.

Original cooling is only 70

oh dear

Oh my goodness… Now that’s what I call a “Letdown Energy Mech”, kinda strong in the energy battles, but not so well under the heat sheets.

I hid the name because it is not about who focused too much on energy but just about that some funny things can happen even in higher PvP ranks.

That player focused so much on energy probably to use EMP,
But as a result his mech is extremely weak to heat mech.

I used my Vandal Rage and Magma Blast against him before causing him to overheat because I thought he got some Cooling Boosters but then I saw that cooldown.
I skipped 2 rounds just letting my drone fire twice to scrap his HP down while decreasing my heat for the 2nd fight.

His original cooldown was 7 + 17 + 46 = 70 only.
And that is definitely far to low against any heat mech.

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My energy is good enough to withstand VS and stuff, butt heat is very low, 341 cap and 139 cooling, enough to kinda withstand a CL and SC combo and fire an EMP or Hysteria at them, but ain’t good enough for a 2 Sorrow mech. Other mech though has huge cooling.

Edit : “butt” xd, thats supposed to be “but”

If I had known that I would have just thrown my heat bomb in the first round and then simply kept him overheated with drone + Corrupt Light.
That way I would not have taken more than 1 or 2 hits in his first round and would have saved my Magma Blast for the 2nd mech.
Though it was quite easy defeating the 2nd mech with the advantage of having 1.5 mechs remaining anyway.

Felt like I was passive-aggressive or something ^

Nah, I can handle that kind of counter statement.
After all heat vs. energy can heavily depend on starting position and who goes first,

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I am suprised ze didn’t switch over to an anti heat mech(maybe because of shutdown)

You cannot switch when shutdown cause you need 1 action point to switch.

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It’s ele counterbuild lol

Thus, Avenger with dual Annihilation and Night eagle with 400+ Energy is enough to smoke that person, ANTI ENERGY PHYS BUILD FTW

lol you’re trolled by me

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Yes, I deployed my mechs in the wrong order.
That is also part of the luck in PvP:

  1. lucky point: Starting position - Phys best at close range 1, Heat and Energy at medium to long range 5-7, range 3 depends on builds the most.

  2. lucky point: Who starts the battle

  3. lucky point: In which order are both players’ mechs deployed.

Usually the most important point is 3, followed by 1 and then lastly 2.

The reason for that is that usually the mechs are built to counter certain other types.
As such the first mech’s strength is usually the 2nd mech’s weakness and vice-versa.
Therefore it is quite important which player ends up having chosen the correct order of deployment for his / her mechs.


I don’t understand the point.

He’s built to kill Energy and Physical. Smart move.

Welcome to Rock, Paper, Scissors.


Are you sure the energy mech in the first post works against physical mechs?

I mean it only has 1601 HP.
A Heat mech around that much HP works against physicals by forcing them into cooldown or comnplete shutdown and then drain those 2000+ HP from the physical mech while the opponent can’t move.

But an energy mech cannot shutdown the physical mech.
And since pretty much any physical mech runs around with Mercy or Annihilation which do not need energy those physical mechs can keep firing at the energy mech.

So an energy mech with only 1601 HPs should most of the time be destroyed by a physical mech with 2000+ HPs.
Or did I make a mistake there?


1600 HP heat mech is dead or almost dead to a phys in almost 2 turns at a range 1 start. Phys pops drone 200 damage. If heat jumps and does 200ish damage and a some heat damage. Phys now does 400ish with nf/spartan and another 325ish with NE and 200 drone. Next round he is dead in 1 to 2 hits and doing maybe 800 to 100 damage total to phys mech.

Why does it bother phys that energy can now do it to them?

My main is a phys btw.

Because the babied meta (energy) has to be the top. And both other types have to be below them.

sad eh

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